Annual Tournament 2018

It’s time for the Pocklington Club Annual Tournament. Whether you want to play singles, doubles or both we have competitions which cover them all.

It is the competitors’ responsibility to organise matches which are to be played as soon as possible to allow time for all rounds to be completed ahead of the Finals’ Day on Sunday 9 September.

First round matches need to be completed by Saturday 25 August. 

For more information please email

Annual Tournament 2018

Ladies’ Doubles

Round 1

  • Ingrid Haywood & Shelley Morgan vs Amy Kendall & Kate Williams
    Winners to play Helen Fairey & Josephine Nuttman (bye from Round 1)
  • Rachel Bloom & Tash Bloom vs Louise Durkin & Di Flint
    Winners to play Jean Hunter & Loobie Kettlewell (bye from Round 1)

Men’s Doubles

Round 1

  • Nick Boyd & James Eaglesfield vs Ross Gleig & John Wood
    Winners to play Dave Gamble & Richard Hart (bye from Round 1)
  • Graeme Taylor & Owen Wroot vs Nigel Bartram & Ben Smith
    Winners to play Sam Bitton & Richie Norris (bye from Round 1)

Men’s Singles

Round 1

  • Graeme Taylor vs Henry Kay
    Winner to play David Thompson (bye from Round 1)
  • Ben Smith vs Ross Gleig
    Winner to play Dave Gamble (bye from Round 1)

Round 2

Byes from round 1

  • Sam Britton vs Jim Holding
  • Steve Garcia vs Richie Norris

Mixed Doubles

Round 1

  • Matthew Cotton & Harriet Wood vs Ben Smith & Angi Collins
    Winners to play Richard Hart & Loobie Kettlewell (bye from Round 1)
  • Owen Wroot & Kate Brown vs Ross Gleig & Deb Gleig
  • Graeme Taylor & Ingrid Haywood vs Richie Norris & Val French
  • Dave Gamble & Kate Williams vs Stewart Berry & Jean Hunter
    Winners to play John Wood & Josephine Nuttman (bye from Round 1)
  • Jim Bloom & Tash Bloom vs Pete Brown & Di Flint
    Winners to play Sam Britton & Amy Kendall
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