Annual Tournament 2020

Registration for this year’s Annual Tournament is now open.

After a change of format last year, we’re returning to the previous style with participants organising their own fixtures for the initial knockout rounds before we hold a Finals’ Day bringing together all of the competitions.

The competitions are open to all members:

  • Ladies’ Singles
  • Ladies’ Doubles
  • Men’s Singles
  • Men’s Doubles
  • Mixed Doubles

Entries must be received by Friday 14th August, with the first round draw taking place on Saturday 15th August. The date for the Finals’ Day is to be confirmed

Sue Sumner and Dave Gamble, Mixed Doubles Winners 2019
Adam Smith and Trevor Loten with Tournament organiser Ross Gleig
Loobie Kettlewell and Jean Hunter, Ladies Doubles Winners 2019
Dave Thompson Men's singles competition winner 2019

To register, head to From here you will be able to select ‘book’ for each of the competitions you wish to enter.

Once you have put all of the competitions you wish to be involved with in your trolley, please click on the trolley icon and then ‘book now’. You’ll then be taken to a page which will let you add your details.

If you are entering any of the doubles events, please make sure that you enter your partner’s details too (if the option to add another player’s info is not visible, click on the ‘change’ link in the relevant section). Don’t worry if you do not know it all, just put their date of birth as 01/01/2000 and enter your phone number instead.

Put a tick in the ‘you’ box and the box next to your partner’s name if applicable.

If you experience any difficulty with the registration process, please email

Register here
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