Club Development Plans

The club’s committee is committed to the continued development of Pocklington Tennis Club for the benefit of current members, potential new members and the wider community.

As part of this vision, the committee is currently working on a major project which has two strands to it: the installation of floodlights on 4 of the 6 courts – including bringing a new power supply onto the site – and the addition of electronic gated access which will pave the way to offer a pay-to-play facility for non-members.

This project requires significant investment and reflects the positivity surrounding the future of Pocklington Tennis Club. To help drive this project, the committee are actively pursuing various avenues of funding.


It is anticipated that the addition of floodlights to 4 of our courts will greatly extend the potential use of the courts through the darker winter months. The courts themselves feature an all-weather surface so it really is a shame that bad light is the only barrier to them being used more.

It is anticipated that, along with making recreational tennis more of an option for many with extended playing times, we will be able to increase our coaching offering in what would traditionally be the closed-season and look at the possibility of participating in winter leagues.

The committee, supported by professionals in the appropriate fields, have filed plans for the lights with the relevant authorities, which has resulted in planning permission being granted, and held discussions with contractors.

There is no current date for the installation of floodlights but the committee is looking to have them available as soon as possible – though it is extremely unlikely that they will be installed in time for the upcoming winter.

Gated Entry & Pay To Play

Whilst membership remains an important part of the club and will continue to have associated benefits, the committee see making the facilities more widely available to all as one of their key responsibilities and goals – both for the continued sustainability of the club but also to be an active part of the community.

As part of this, they are looking into being able to offer a pay-to-play option for non-members or casual users. This will be facilitated through an electronic gate entry system funded by the Lawn Tennis Association. Additionally, the club will be looking to erect new fencing to offer better security for the site.

As with the floodlights, it is not possible to provide an exact timescale for completion of this section of the project at this point but it is a main area of focus for the committee.

Further updates are hoped to be released soon.

If you would like any further information about the above, please speak to a member of the committee or email

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