Keeping The Courts In The Best Condition

EuroClay returned to Pocklington Tennis Club this month as part of our maintenance agreement and cleaned all 6 courts. The difference is noticeable, and we are now going into the winter months with the courts in great condition.

Additionally, our team of maintenance volunteers have been doing exceptional work for which we are extremely grateful.

Keeping the courts at their best in good condition is everyone’s responsibility – especially at this time of year

Before commencing play, please ensure that you are wearing appropriate, clean footwear (we recommend changing into your tennis footwear at the seating area outside of the clubhouse) and that the court is clear of any debris such as leaves and twigs.

Court Maintenance Oct 2020

All players to clear their court with the drag before every playing session

This helps in keeping the courts in optimal condition, making the playing experience as good as possible. We now have 2 drags so it only takes 5 minutes. You can access the Club from 15 minutes before your booking, so it won’t affect your playing time.

Site security

To maintain the security of the Club, please ensure that all gates are fully closed, and the car park barrier is locked, if you are the last one to leave the site.