Club Reopening – Coronavirus Information

Updated 18 May, 9.00am

The Club is now partially reopen. New rules and guidelines are in place for everyone’s safety.

Members Only

For this initial period, the Club will only be open to members, with no guests permitted. Members aged 18 or above will be able to book courts using our online system.

For the moment, members aged under 18 will only be able to use the Club if playing with an adult member or as part of a coaching session.

Junior memberships already paid for will still be on hold. They will be reactivated, with a full 12 months remaining on them, once the Club has opened more fully.


Two members from different households will be able to play singles, whilst still maintaining social distancing, whereas people from the same household can choose to play doubles. In each case, at least one adult member must be participating (the others can be junior/under 10 members – all participating must be members).

Only those playing may enter the Club, there can be no spectators within the Club’s grounds. The only exception to this is when an member under the age of 18 is receiving a tennis lesson, in which case one parent or guardian is permitted to spectate.

One-to-one private coaching sessions with Sean and his team are permitted for members (all ages). You will not be permitted to touch the tennis balls supplied for coaching with your hands; if you wish to practice your serve, please bring your own marked balls. For more information, please email Sean.

The Clubhouse will not be open at this time. There will therefore be no access to toilet facilities.

There are currently no Club Nights or league fixtures.

Rules & Guidelines

Please do not come to the Tennis Club if you, or a member of your household, have any symptoms associated with COVID-19.

The following must be adhered to for the benefit and safety of everyone.

General/before coming to the Club:

  • The Club will be open to members only – no guests
  • All court use must be pre-booked
  • All courts are available but where possible people are requested to leave a court between them and any other booking (e.g. if court one is booked, please book court 3 rather than court 2) to make social distancing easier.
  • Please stagger booking times so as not to start at the same time as another booking.
  • Max of two people per court (singles) if the players are not from the same household. Max of four people per court (doubles) if all players are from the same household.
  • Junior members must be accompanied by at least one adult member or a coach.
  • One-to-one coaching sessions allowed with the Club’s coaches. No group sessions.
  • The Clubhouse is closed. Coaches may enter but only to access equipment.

At the Club:

  • Players are responsible for their own hygiene (hand cleaning etc) – it is recommended that you bring hand sanitiser, a towel etc.
  • Where possible, please avoid direct contact with the entrance keypad (for instance use a pen/pencil) and gates/handles.
  • Only players to be on court. No spectators allowed within the Club – with the exception of when a person under the age of 18 is having a lesson, in which case one parent/guardian can also attend but must not go onto the court.
  • Only go onto the court you have booked. If you need to retrieve a ball from another court, please be aware of social distancing.
  • Bags etc to be taken on court – nothing to be left around the Clubhouse or other areas.
  • Maintain social distancing (min 2 metres) with anyone who is not a member of your household.
  • Tennis balls to be supplied by the players. Be careful not to mix tennis balls up with other people’s. Do not touch anyone else’s tennis balls (including your opponent’s). It is recommended that you mark your tennis balls for ease of identification. If you need new tennis balls, please email the Club as we have them available for £5 per tube of 4.

The above rules and guidelines will be continually reviewed and may be subject to change.

Further player guidance is available from the LTA.

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