Stay At Home Rally

With social distancing and other rules surrounding the coronavirus epidemic meaning that everyone was missing playing tennis, we decided to play a virtual rally with all members invited to take part from the safety of their homes.

39 people of all ages (plus 5 dogs) joined in, submitting clips of them hitting a tennis ball from their garden or driveway. The final video was set to the BBC’s Wimbledon theme tune and share across the Club’s social media channels.

Such was the success of the original video, that we were contacted by a number of people on behalf of junior members who wanted to be involved but hadn’t got their clips to us in time. Looking to include as many people as possible, we created a second video featuring juniors only and had a total of 31 additional clips to add to the 14 juniors featured previously.

Thanks to everyone who took part, including those behind the cameras (a number of whom we are sure got hit by a tennis ball or two!).

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