Mixed Doubles Ladder

The Mixed Doubles Ladder allows for friendly competition within the Club. In essence it is a league type system, however you are only allowed to ‘challenge’ pairings within a few places above you and are restricted in how many ‘challenges’ you may make.

The result is that, once the ladder is established and pairings have found their way to the appropriate area of the table, people will be playing people of similar ability

The ladder uses Playwaze to record the results and positions. All participants (both people from each pairing) need to have Playwaze accounts.

Once you and your partner have Playwaze accounts and have become members of the Pocklington Tennis Club Playwaze community, please email info@pocklingtontennis.com to request to join the ladder.

There is also a Ladder WhatsApp group to make organising matches easier.

The Rules

  • Sets in a match: 3 (please play all sets even if one pair is 2-0 up)
  • Challenge span (the number of places above you that you can play): 3
  • Number of challenges (how many matches you can set up – you can play more if others challenge you): 3
  • No tiebreaks or long sets – 6 all is a draw for that set

To encourage regular games, pairs will be demoted 2 places if no games have been played for 14 days.

Please look at how many games others have played and try to play a selection of different pairs. The ladder won’t work if the same pairs are playing in the majority of games.

Once all challenges have been used up, we can collectively decide whether we want to continue the ladder, start again (possibly with new rules) or discontinue it.

How To Use Playwaze

These guideline as based on the website, however there is also a Playwaze app available

  • Login and choose Pocklington Tennis Club from ‘My Communities’
  • Select the Pocklington Mixed Doubles Ladder to see the list of pairs and the current standings

To contact someone else via Playwaze (you can go direct to people if you have contact details for them):

  • Go to the ‘Members’ section indicated by the person icon
  • Click on the person’s name
  • Click on the envelope icon
  • You can the create your message before clicking on ‘Send’

To record a result (to be done by a member of the pair who made the challenge):

  • Go to the ladder
  • Click in the box next to the pair you have played (your box will already be ticked)
  • Click on ‘Add Result’
  • Enter the date the match was played, the scores for each set and indicate the winner or if it was a draw

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