Ladies Tennis League Fixtures 2018

We have 6 ladies teams. Ladies A to D play in the Dirffield and District Lawn Tennis League with fixtures being played on Wednesday evenings, commencing at 6.30pm. Our other two teams play in the Fulford Ladies Invitation Tennis League with matches taking place on weekends, but days and start times vary.

DateOppositionHome / Away
25 April 2018Pocklington BHome
2 May 2018Pocklington CAway
9 May 2018Scalby AHome
16 May 2018Driffield LTC AAway
23 May 2018MaltonAway
30 May 2018Market Weighton AHome
6 June 2018Long Riston AAway
13 June 2018Pocklington BAway
20 June 2018Pocklington CHome
27 June 2018Scalby AAway
4 July 2018Driffield LTC AHome
11 July 2018MaltonHome
18 July 2018Market Weighton AAway
25 July 2018Long Riston AHome
DateOppositionHome / Away
25 April 2018Pocklington AAway
2 May 2018MaltonHome
9 May 2018Market Weighton AAway
16 May 2018Long Riston AHome
23 May 2018Driffield LTC AHome
30 May 2018Pocklington CAway
6 June 2018Scalby AHome
13 June 2018Pocklington AHome
20 June 2018MaltonAway
27 June 2018Market Weighton AHome
4 July 2018Long Riston AAway
11 July 2018Driffield LTC AAway
18 July 2018Pocklington CHome
25 July 2018Scalby AAway
DateOppositionHome / Away
25 April 2018Scalby AAway
2 May 2018Pocklington AHome
9 May 2018MaltonAway
16 May 2018Market Weighton AHome
23 May 2018Long Riston AAway
30 May 2018Pocklington BHome
6 June 2018Driffield LTC AHome
13 June 2018Scalby AHome
20 June 2018Pocklington AAway
27 June 2018MaltonHome
4 July 2018Market Weighton AAway
11 July 2018Long Riston AHome
18 July 2018Pocklington BAway
25 July 2018Driffield LTC AAway
DateOppositionHome / Away
25 April 2018Driffield LTC BHome
2 May 2018Bransdesburton AAway
9 May 2018FileyHome
16 May 2018Market Weighton BAway
23 May 2018Brandesburton BHome
30 May 2018Driffield LTC CAway
6 June 2018Scalby BAway
13 June 2018Driffield LTC BAway
20 June 2018Brandesburton AHome
27 June 2018FileyAway
4 July 2018Market Weighton BHome
11 July 2018Brandesburton BAway
18 July 2018Driffield LTC CHome
25 July 2018Scalby BHome
DateOppositionHome / AwayTime
Sat 21 April 2018York 1Home9.30am
Sat 28 April 2018York 2Away9.30am
Sat 5 May 2018David Lloyd 1Home9.30am
Sat 12 May 2018Bishopthorpe 1Home9.30am
Fri 18 May 2018Wiggington 1Away6.30pm
26/27 May 2018No Fixture
Sat 2 June 2018Castlegarth 1Home9.30am
Sun 10 June 2018Dunnington 1Away1.00pm
Sun 17 June 2018York 1Away1.00pm
Sun 24 June 2018York 2Home9.30am
Sat 30 June 2018David Lloyd 1Away10.00am
Sat 7 July 2018Bishopthorpe 1Away9.30am
Sat 14 July 2018Wiggington 1Home9.30am
Sat 21 July 2018Castlegarth 1Away2.30pm
Sat 28 July 2018Dunnington 1Home9.30am
DateOppositionHome / AwayTime
Sat 21 April 2018Boston Spa 1Away4.00pm
Sat 28 April 2018Fulford 1Home10.00am
Sat 5 May 2018StarbeckAway10.00am
Sat 12 May 2018Rufforth 1Away9.30am
Sat 19 May 2018Poppleton 1Home10.00am
26/27 May 2018No Fixture
Sat 2 June 2018Castlegarth 2Away2.30pm
Sat 9 June 2018David Lloyd 2Home10.00am
Sat 16 June 2018Boston Spa 1Home10.00am
Sun 24 June 2018Fulford 1Away10.00am
Sat 30 June 2018StarbeckHome10.00am
Sat 7 July 2018Rufforth 1Home10.00am
Sat 14 July 2018Poppleton 1Away9.30am
Sat 21 July 2018Castlegarth 2Home10.00am
Sat 28 July 2018David Lloyd 2Away9.30am

Not sure where an opposition club is? You’ll find details in our league club directory.

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