The Pocklington Tennis Club Roll Of Honour

Tennis tournaments have been played at Pocklington Tennis Club for over a century. Today there are 5 trophies which are competed for annually.

Gentlemen’s Challenge Cup

Presented by H B Harrison Broadley Esqr MP

1906F Seaton Smith1953D G Gray1987T Loten
1907F B Welch1954J G Fielder1988T Loten
1908F Seaton Smith1955D G Gray1989T Loten
1909F B Welch1956D G Gray1990T Loten
1910R L English1957T H Meynell1991T Loten
1911F W Robson1958L Clark1992T Loten
1912R L English1959R L Wheatley1993J D Burnet
1913R L English1960D G Gray1994T Loten
1914R L English1961D G Gray1995P Colbeck
1962R L Wheatley1996C G Burnet
1920H T English1963D G Gray1997P Colbeck
1921P C Sands1964S J Greatorex1998P Colbeck
1922P C Sands1965T K Herring1999
1923T W Watson1966J R Burman2000J D Atkinson
1924TW Watson1967J R Burman2001G Pearce
1925J H Nock1968J R Burman2002G Pearce
1926J H Nock1969J R Burman2003G Pearce
1927W Richardson1970J R Burman2004G Pearce
1928J H Nock1971J R Burman2005G Pearce
1929W Richardson1972R W Gelder2006D Smith
1930D M H Craven1973R W Gelder2007E Barker – Wyatt
1931T E Scaife1974J Derrick2008D Smith
1932D M H Craven1975J Derrick2009E Barker – Wyatt
1933K F S Woods1976G Dunhill2010E Barker – Wyatt
1934T E Scaife1977B Saynor2011T Loten
1935T H Meynell1978T Russell2012
1936T E Scaife1979M Colbeck2013T Loten
1937T E Scaife1980T Loten2014T Loten
1938T E Scaife19812015T Loten
1939R K Winbush1982B Eccleston2016D Galloway
1983T Loten2017
1950T H Meynell1984T Loten2018
1951T H Meynell1985M Davis2019D Thompson
1952T H Meynell1986T Loten2020S Evans

Ladies’ Challenge Cup

1920Miss M Cobb1963Miss S C Gelder1993Mrs N L Loten
1921Mrs H T English1964Miss E Scott1994Miss N Gunby
1922Mrs H T English1965Miss S C Gelder1995Miss E Nuttall
1923Mrs T Coulson1966Mrs T K Herring1996Miss N Gunby
1924Miss M Suddaby1967Mrs S Whitehouse1997Miss N Gunby
1925Mrs H T English1968Miss S C Gelder1998Miss H E Whilesmith
1926Mrs N Harrison1969Miss S C Gelder1999
1927Miss M Suddaby1970Miss S C Gelder2000Mrs C Pearce
1928Miss K E Skinner1971Miss S C Gelder2001Miss G Raley
1929Miss K E Skinner1972Mrs S C Stoney2005Mrs C Pearce
1930Mrs N Harrison1973Mrs S C Stoney2006Mrs C Pearce
1931Mrs N Harrison1974Miss E Sleightholme2007Mrs C Pearce
1932Miss K Smithson1975Miss E Sleightholme2008Mrs I Duncan
1933Miss M Suddaby1976Miss E Sleightholme2009Miss R Danby
1934Miss K Smithson1977Miss E Sleightholme2010Mrs I Duncan
1935Mrs N Harrison1978Miss V Wilkinson2011Miss R V Hill
1936Miss J B Craven1979Mrs J Eccleston2012
1937Mrs N Harrison1980Mrs C A Lumley2013
1938Miss K Smithson1981Mrs S Hails2014Miss R V Hill
1939Miss R Popplewell1982Mrs J Eccleston2015
1950Miss S Massey1983Miss E Sleightholme2016Miss R V Hill
1951Miss S Maude1984Miss E Sleightholme2017
1952Mrs G P Waters1985Miss E Sleightholme2018
1953Miss M Dawson1986Miss V Wilkinson2019
1954Miss M Dawson1987Mrs J A Clarke2020Sue Ralphs
1958Mrs D G English1988Mrs J A Clarke
1959Miss E Scott1989Mrs H M Richardson
1960Mrs E Ward1990Mrs S E Sumner
1961Mrs W Forth1991Mrs S E Sumner
1962Miss M R Clifford1992Mrs N L Loten

T E Scaife Cup

1964D Gray & D G Whilesmith1984M Davis & T M Loten2004R Knocker & T Britton
1965G Pinkney & R L Wheatley1985M Davis & B Saynor2005C Gunby & S Kettlewell
1966J J Atkinson & G E May1986M Davis & T M Loten2006S Eyles & T Britton
1967J R Burman & G D Goodall1987M Davis & T M Loten2007E Barker-Wyatt & P Harrison
1968S Whitehouse & T K Herring1988M Davis & T M Loten2008T Britton & D Smith
1969R W Gelder & J J Atkinson1989M Davis & T M Loten2009T Loten & W Peeke-Vout
1970B Saynor & T K Herring1990M Davis & T M Loten2010E Barker-Wyatt & N Robinson
1971J R Burman & V J W Fielder1991J Burnet & D Thackray2011E Barker-Wyatt & N Robinson
1972R W Gelder & V J W Fielder1992J Burnet & D Thackray2012
1973R W Gelder & V J W Fielder1993P Colbeck & J Atkinson2013E Barker-Wyatt & N Robinson
1974B Saynor & J J Atkinson1994P Colbeck & J Atkinson2014T Loten & D Galloway
1975B Saynor & J J Atkinson1995P Colbeck & J Atkinson2015T Loten & D Galloway
1976B Saynor & J J Atkinson1996P Colbeck & J Atkinson2016J Kaye & A Smith
1977B Saynor & T D Russell1997P Colbeck & J Atkinson2017R Hart & J Holding
1978B Saynor & T D Russell1998P Colbeck & J Atkinson2018D Gamble & R Hart
1979B Eccleston & B Saynor19992019T Loten & A Smith
1980T M Loten & D M Strachan2000P Colbeck & J Atkinson2020S Evans & J Hoare
1981E Barker & M Colbeck2001C French & S Kettlewell
1982T M Loten & D M Strachan2002C French & S Kettlewell
1983E Barker & M Colbeck2003P Colbeck & G Pearce

The Fairweather Cup

1964V Forth & J Tomkinson1984V Wilkinson & E Sleightholme2004H Whilesmith & C Pearce
1965J Billington & S Whitehouse1985V Wilkinson & E Sleightholme2005R N Hill & C Pearce
1966J Billington & S Whitehouse1986V Wilkinson & S Smit2006C Taylor & C Pearce
1967J Bramley & S Whitehouse1987J Clarke & C Burnet2007H Whilesmith & E Jones
1968S C Gelder & J Tomkinson1988V C French & S Smit2008H Whilesmith & E Jones
1969G S Baker & J A Billington1989V C French & S Smit2009L Eade & C Pearce
1970S C Gelder & J Tomkinson1990V C French & S Smit2010E Owen & I Duncan
1971J Tomkinson & S Gelder1991J Clarke & S Sumner2011E Owen & I Duncan
1972J Tomkinson & S Stoney1992V C French & S Sumner2012
1973G S Baker & J Bramley1993V C French & S E Sumner2013R N Hill & E Owen
1974V Wilkinson & E Sleightholme1994H Whilesmith & N Loten2014R N Hill & E Owen
1975J Tomkinson & J Billington1995V C French & J Clarke2015R V Hill & V Bland
1976V C Wilkinson & E Sleightholme1996N Gunby & L Burn2016R V Hill & V Bland
1977V Wilkinson & E Sleightholme1997N Gunby & H Whilesmith2017
1978V Wilkinson & E Scott1998R N Hill & H Whilesmith2018H Fairey & J Nuttman
1979T Lumley & C Burnet19992019J Hunter & L Kettlewell
1980S Hails & S Whilesmith2000V French & J Clarke2020L Eade & S Sumner
1981C Lumley & C Burnet2001G Raley & C Hetherton
1982J Tomkinson & J Billington2002C Pearce & H Whilesmith
1983C Lumley & E Sleightholme2003C Pearce & H Whilesmith

Pocklington Times Challenge Cup

1964R L Wheatley & J Tomkinson1984E Barker & E Sleightholme2004G Pearce & C Pearce
1965T K Herring & B Herring1985M Davis & V Wilkinson2005J Atkinson & C Taylor
1966T K Herring & B Herring1986T Loten & J Clarke2006D Smith & H Whilesmith
1967T K Herring & S C Gelder19872007E Barker-Wyatt & R Bloom
1968Bob Burman & Joan Tomkinson1988T Loten & J Clarke2008D Smith & C Taylor
1969Bob Burman & Joan Tomkinson1989T Loten & J Clarke2009W Peake-Vout & I Duncan
1970R Gelder & S C Gelder1990J Burnet & S Sumner2010T Loten & F Lambert
1971R W Gelder & S C Gelder1991T Loten & J Clarke2011E Barker-Wyatt & R Bloom
1972R W Gelder & S C Stoney1992T Loten & N Loten2012
1973R W Gelder & S C Stoney1993J Burnet & N Loten2013
1974J A Derrick & V C Wilkinson1994C Burnet & E Nuttall2014T Loten & E Loten
1975J A Derrick & E Sleightholme1995P Colbeck & H Whilesmith2015T Loten & R V Hill
1976G S Dunhill & E Sleightholme1996M Davis & N Gunby2016T Loten & R V Hill
1977B Saynor & E Sleightholme1997C Gunby & N Gunby2017
1978S R Howes & J Billington1998J Atkinson & R Hill2018R Hart & L Kettlewell
1979M Colbeck & C Lumley19992019D Gamble & S Sumner
1980B Saynor & S Hails2000P Colbeck & V French2020T Loten & S Sumner
1981B Eccleston & J Eccleston2001J Atkinson & E Jones
1982T Loten & J Billington2002G Pearce & C Pearce
1983E Barker & E Sleightholme2003J Atkinson & E Jones

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