Pocklington Tennis Club Membership

There are many benefits to being a member of Pocklington Tennis Club. Along with the option to play in our league teams plus various opportunities to join in with our open club sessions and tournaments, members also receive preferential privileges in regards to general court access.

Courts available8am - 10pm8am - 10pm
Advance booking21 days7 days
Max bookings2 per day2 per week
Max booking length2 hours2 hours
Price per courtFree£2.50 per 15 mins
Floodlight cost£1 per 15 mins£1.25 per 15 mins

Please note: All participants must be members of the Club for the member’s rates to be applicable (i.e. member’s rates will not apply if one person playing a game of doubles is a member but the three others are not).

Membership rates 2024/25


£168per year
  • Full membership:
    Anyone over 25 years of age or people over 18 and in full-time employment as of 1st April 2021.
    Pay £13 per month*

Adult 65+

£126per year
  • 65+ membership:
    Anyone aged 65 or over as of 1st April 2021.


£70per year
  • Intermediate:
    Anyone aged 18-25 and not in full-time employment as of 1st April 2021.


£53per year
  • Junior:
    Anyone aged 10-17 years on the date of joining.

Under 10

£24per year
  • Under 10:
    Anyone aged under 10 on the date of joining.

Adult, 65+ and Intermediate membership is paid from April until the following April and allows access to the club for the year. Junior and Under 10 membership lasts for 12 months from the date of joining.

How do I pay?

Adults may pay by a standing order of £14 per calendar month*. Adults and 65+ members can pay for the full year by credit/debit card or bank transfer in advance.

For Junior and Under 10 membership, full payment can be made when joining online.

* If you choose to make payments by monthly standing order, you are committing to making 12 monthly payments to cover the full membership cost. Standing orders must remain in place for the full membership year.

More details on paying by BACs or by monthly payments can be found on the Members’ Information page.

• An online application needs to be completed for all persons joining the club

• If you are looking to join the club after April please contact the Membership Secretary regarding the cost (Adults and Over 65s only)

• League rules state all Team Players must be members of the club

• Membership does not include the cost of using the floodlights except for Club events (league matches, club sessions, tournaments etc)

• Members can invite non-members as guests to join them for private court bookings, however there is a fee of £5 per guest per hour (or pro rata)

Do you offer a family discount?

There is a 10% discount for family membership (two adults and two junior members). Please contact the Membership Secretary to join as a family.

LTA British Tennis Membership

Once a member of the club, please take time to sign up with the LTA and gain free British Tennis Membership.

British Tennis membership is a requirement if you wish to be entered for the ‘Club Draw’ which is used to allocate our entitlement of Wimbledon Tickets to our membership.

For more information, please download the British Tennis Guidelines.

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